Research packages


EKA HüppePAKK is an intense collection of ideas for creative research where by means of design sprints and design research we involve students and researchers of the Faculty of Architecture in providing an innovative solution.

The search for a product or solution idea is primarily aimed at a particular practical goal, that is, finding a new product concept or designing a particular building. The search is conducted on a PAKK platform (Pattern Buildings, sLender) or in combination of the technologies and methods prescribed by the client and using an innovative manner or a context. As a result, we will provide various ideas based on the brief that often also challenge the prescribed framework.

Methods for the collection of ideas:

  • Hackathon and mini competitions;
  • Design sprints;
  • Design research in the course of speciality studios.


EKA LävePAKK is a creative research analysis of a possible idea project where we use design solutions and feasibility studies to allow the company to understand the possibilities and potential of the project.

It is an analysis of the economic, social, technological, temporal and organisational possibilities of buildings and plans as well as the respective environmental impact with the aim of evaluating their possible solutions and feasibility.

The feasibility study includes the comparative analysis of the possible locations and technological solutions of buildings, determining possible restrictions and drawing up an action plan meeting the design, architectural, functional, constructional and technological requirements. As a result of the feasibility study, a research report is drawn up with recommendations made on the possible solutions.


  • a preliminary study for organising architecture competitions;

  • drawing up spatial development plans;

  • analyses of environmental and urban design situations;

  • conceptual designs of buildings;

  • planning guides.


EKA TüvePAKK is a systematic creative research for generating a new field of research where we include experimental development and expert knowledge to help the sector to overcome the key problems and restrictive obstacles to development.

Experimental development is based on the knowledge and practical experience acquired as a result of research and will generate new knowledge with the aim of manufacturing new products, launching new processes or complementing existing products or processes.

As a result, EKA TüvePAKK will create value that can be implemented across sectors.


With EKA TugiPAKK, a company can contribute to the research-based development of the speciality by keeping track of the most innovative solutions and supporting the ongoing creative research projects for the generation of local professional competence. The aim of PAKK is to form a team of companies who wish to support the increased involvement of research in the private sector and to contribute to the development of the sector. We provide the opportunity:

  • to be a supporter of a research centre guided by the principles of carbon neutral construction;
  • to be the first to receive the call to action type calls about funding measures;
  • to support the implementation of the basic research and development of new platforms needed for the advancement of the sector;
  • to be a part of the law-making process;
  • to contribute to PAKK projects with the particular know-how of their product or service;
  • to give input to research (MA and PhD students);
  • to use PAKK projects and content as a source of their content marketing;
  • to place a logo on our website and social media accounts;
  • to introduce their products and services to students of architecture;
  • to support ongoing research projects and relevant creative research (experimental or theoretical works that we use for determining the fundamentals of new knowledge, phenomena and observed facts).